Monday’s iPad PD

In this afternoon’s session we talked about where we’re at with the iPads – what we love, what we hate, what the number one thing we want our students to do with iPads is. We tested our iOS know-how and learnt a few new tricks. Here is the iPad Know-how checklist.

On the second page you’ll see some recommended apps to try out before the next meeting. Think about how you could use the app personally, as a teacher, and how it could be used by students in the classroom.

I handed out a reference sheet specifically for the iPad Air and iOS 7. This file Apple reference sheets includes that sheet and sheets for iPhone, iPod and older iPads as well.

Learn more:

Tony Vincent is something of a mobile technology guru. He is a regular visitor to Australia, presenting at the annual Slide2Learn conferences. His Learning in Hand website is a treasure trove of awesome resources. The page Getting the most out of your device is fabulous for new and experienced iPad users alike. The best thing is that all the videos, animations and other resources embedded on the page have been created with an iPad. It will give you a taste of just what is possible.


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