iPad as the teacher’s pet

Did you know there are heaps of ways you can use a single iPad in your classroom to be more efficient and to create more engaging activities for students?

We are nearly ready to use our set of iPads in the 3, 4, 5 and Hebrew classrooms. In coming weeks I will post more detailed information, links and resources for using the apps that will be loaded on every iPad. In the meantime, there’re plenty of things you can be doing with just one iPad in and out of your classroom.

Not one of the select teachers who will have access to the set of iPads? Never fear, if you own or have access to an iPad there is a whole world of things you can do in your classroom.

I’ve mentioned Tony Vincent before, he is a respected guru on mobile technology in education. He has created a fabulous infographic titled iPad as the teacher’s pet. Check it out for lots of great ways you can use a single iPad to make your life easier and to create great learning activities for students. As he explains:

Hey, teacher! Got an iPad? Then you’ve got a toolbox that you can fill to help you be an even better teacher! Spend some time with this infographic to discover how your iPad can be your handy assistant. It’s filled with apps and services that you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

It’s all about verbs, that is, the things teachers can do with an iPad. Those actions include showing your screen on a projector, managing the classroom, assessing student work, interacting with students, accessing your files, making instructional media, and expanding professional learning. The infographic focuses mostly on free apps that you’ll be able to put to use immediately. Those apps turn your iPad in a timer, interactive whiteboard, voice recorder, document camera, calendar, magazine, notebook, and much more.

So take a peek to see how iPad can help you capture learning artifacts, plan lessons, poll students, visualize concepts, share demonstrations, and much more.


iPad as Teachers Pet

While infographics aren’t really meant to be printed, here is a 6 page version for printing. Here is a very large 24 page version. You can cut off the margins and tape the pages together to make a poster.

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