Great ideas for using Google Drive in your classroom

There are a wealth of resources available  to inspire and assist you in using the applications that make up Google Drive, lots of them are from teachers sharing their experiences and ideas for classroom use.

Here are three of my favourites:

1. This Glogster: Google Docs for Learning was created by Susan Oxenvad. (Check out if you would like to find out how to make one of these interactive posters).

2. Google Docs, Sheets and Presentations might not have all the functionality of Word, Excel or Powerpoint (but lets face it, who even uses 20% of that functionality?) but the key thing that makes it so worthwhile is the potential for collaboration. Here are 20 great ideas to get started with:

20 Collaborative Google Apps activities for schools

3. In this article Keith Hamon describes the process he uses for teaching writing; how his students create and share their Google doc with him from the beginning of the task so that he can monitor and advise as they are writing. As he says:

Because I have access to their documents so early, I learn much more about my students’ writing and the issues that they need to overcome. This positions me for better teaching. It positions the students for better learning. That’s a win-win.

Teaching writing with Google Docs

Have you used Google Drive with your students? Will you try one of these ideas?

I’d love to hear your feedback on any experience you have using Google Drive in the classroom and share some success stories. Please share in the comments.


  1. Great post! And great resources 🙂 Very well timed with the recent “massive” price drop of Google Drive also. Certainly makes it a much more affordable option for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How can I share student’s projects and powerpoints so that they can read each other’s work?
    At the moment they submit to me individually and so I want to put them in a space where all the class can read them.

  3. Great post Heather! I think Docs is such a great tool. The baseline function I like is it’s reliability. Students can have their work saved reliably & hopefully minimise losing work

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