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Today at MC some staff attended a workshop about using Explain Everything on the iPads.

The following are some of the resources we looked at and also some links to further information.

Here’s an Explain Everything video from iPad guru Tony Vincent. In it he uses various features of the app to visualise what the number of apps in the apps store looks like. Of course it’s a little out-of-date now but the video gives a good overview of what’s possible with Explain Everything.

This is a video created by primary aged students on the lifecycle of butterflies.

Another one on Digital Citizenship:

This video gives a quick rundown of some of the basic features and also shows an example of a student using Explain Everything to show his thinking while balancing a chemical equation.

Several more examples from primary students can be found on this blog post Using Explain Everything in the Primary Classroom

This post explains the process used by some year 6 students to create videos about the water cycle using Explain Everything and iMovie. This is one of the final products:

IMG 0711 from libby on Vimeo.

You don’t always have to create videos. In this video we see how one teacher uses Explain Everything as a mobile IWB.

This post from The History 2.0 Classroom explains how Greg Kulowiec uses Explain Everything to:

  1. Create Graphics/Posters/Diagrams
  2. Brainstorm ideas and projects (recording the process)
  3. As an interactive white board with a recordable option
  4. As a powerful platform for presentations

The Explain Everything website has lots of video tutorials and there is a free manual available on the iBooks store – follow this link on your iPad to download it.

I’ve written about Explain Everything on Bytes before, you can read it here.

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