Add-ons for Google Drive

Google recently introduced add-ons for Docs and Sheets. Add-ons give you extra functionality to make Docs and/or Sheets even better. You can access add-ons by opening a new Doc or Sheet and from the Add-ons menu select Get add-ons. A new window will open up with a range of different add-ons to browse; you can install the add-on directly from here or click the item to learn more.

One of the most useful add-ons available is Easybib bibliography creator – copy and paste in a URL or search for a book or journal and EasyBib will gather up the bibliographic details ready to create a reference list in one of three styles to insert into a document – it couldn’t be easier! I have successfully used EasyBib in creating a reference list for for a university assignment. If we encourage our students to use a tool like this then there is no excuse for not referencing properly.

Other useful add-ons for teachers and students alike include:

  • Open Clipart – choose from more than 50,000 free clipart images to add to documents
  • Thesaurus (Docs)
  • Gliffy diagrams (Docs)

  • VexTab Music notation (Docs): Add music notation, drum notation, and guitar tab to your documents using the VexTab language.
  • g(Math) (Docs)- Create graphs and write complex math directly in your Google Doc
  • Template gallery (Sheets) – Save time by using professionally designed spreadsheet templates
  • Doctopus (Sheets) – this one deserves a Bytes post of its own (coming soon!) – An octopus for docs! Teacher-built tool for scaffolding, managing, organizing, and assessing student projects in Google Drive
  • Styles (Sheets) – Now you can quickly add style to your spreadsheet by highlighting cells and choosing a style from the style viewer

Add-ons are relatively new so no doubt the clever people at Google and other third-party developers are working on more – stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Heather,

    Thanks for sharing. Aside of add-ons, the Apps Scripts in Google Drive is something that is greatly appreciated by me. It allows to extend the built-in functionality with great scripts that are available online. Or you can learn how to code Google Apps Scripts and extend spreadsheets, slides or documents with custom functionality or whatever you imagine. I used scripts to generate invoices in a spreadsheet to a custom PDF file that were ready for print and saved in a Google Drive format.

    One of my favorite tips when working with Google Slides is to download presentations as a .pptx file (Microsoft PowerPoint format) directly from Google Slides. Here is a detailed description: How to generate a direct link to download Google Slides in PPTX PowerPoint format or PDF. This way, you only need to maintain the presentation content in one place.

    Hope it helps.

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