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Worth a read 09/21/2014

  • The 21st Century Fluencies are not about hardware, they are about headware and heartware.
    We need to move our thinking beyond our primary focus on traditional literacy to an additional set of 21st-century fluencies that reflect the times we live in. That’s the essence of the 21st Century Fluencies! Today, it’s essential that all of our students have a wide range of skills that develop the ability to function within a rapidly changing society—skills far beyond those that were needed in the 20th century. These skills are not about technological prowess. The essential 21st Century Fluencies are not about hardware; they are about headware and heartware! This means critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and so much more. These aren’t just for the students, though. The 21st Century Fluencies are process skills that we all need, and there is as much benefit in cultivating them within yourself as within your classroom.

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Worth a read 09/17/2014

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Worth a read 09/12/2014

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Read it! Loved it!

Read it  Loved itI’ve just come across Read it! Loved it! and I’m very impressed. Curated by Melbourne teacher librarian Gavin Jones, Read it! Loved it! is a quick and easy way for children aged 10 and over to identify books to read through well-categorised genre lists.

The site is colourful, clean and attractive with no superfluous information – just simple click through lists to titles and cover images. I think kids will love using this site, as will adults who want to help kids find great books to read.

You can read more about the background and purpose of the site in this interview from Publishing Perspectives.

iPad news and views 09/08/2014

  • You’ve heard “collaboration” repeatedly referenced as an important 21st century skill. With built-in interfaces for connectivity, mobile devices such as iPads offer a wide variety of alternatives for people wanting to connect and work together. Collaboration can take many forms in an educational context and you may want to consider different tools depending on your specific objectives. Here’s a list of some common collaborative activities and the tools and apps you might want to consider for each one.

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Virtual Excursions

Are you interested in online virtual excursion opportunities for your classes?
Tech Talk Tuesdays is a regular online webinar connecting educators around the world. The Tech Talk Tuesdays team is based in rural Victoria and the webinars generally run between 4-5pm AEST each Tuesday in term time.
This week on Tech Talk Tuesday, Ben Newsome who won a Churchill Fellowship to look at the best practice in videoconferencing is the presenter. He will share organisations that will virtually linkup with classes both locally, nationally and globally, the tools that can be used and also sites to join to find others.
You can read more at Tech Talk Tuesdays
Use this link to join the Blackboard Collaborate session 
Thanks to Anne Mirtschin for sharing this information.