Worth a read 10/13/2014

  • Helping students to cultivate the skills needed for writing is often about cultivating a love of writing.

    It’s true that not every student has a budding author in them, but each of them does have a need to be able to express themselves clearly, concisely and intelligently. Whether they want to go on to write the Great American Novel or simply present business ideas to colleagues, writing skills are essential. The best way to help them develop those skills is to make writing personal and give them a vested interest in communication.

    Blogs have become one of the most popular website formats in recent years. Websites like Blogger, WordPress and Weebly have become the essential ways for people of different walks of life to broadcast their personal stories, challenges and insights. This has created both a new generation of budding writers as well as a generation with a keen interest in the stories of others.

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