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Worth a read 11/28/2014

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Worth a read 11/25/2014

  • One of the many great things about the Web is that it showcases plenty of stuff for teachers to utilize in their classrooms. No matter if you’re structuring lessons about digital citizenship, teaching with video, discussing the Bard, talking about student fitness, or looking to walk on the moon or tour the Sistine Chapel, there’s something helpful out there for every educator. We’re happy to be able to share some of that with you here in the list below, which features 80 very special and useful guides, links, resource banks, and much more.

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iPad news and views 11/21/2014

  • Many people know how to write a great story. But when it comes to publishing your own ebook, how do you transform your book from a good read into a work of art where text, images, audio and video jump off the page?

    In a media-rich world, visual literacy is increasingly important.

    By thinking about a few key principles of design as you construct your work, you can develop the tools you need to create beautiful books.

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The Teaching Channel

Have you seen the Teaching Channel? The Teaching Channel hosts a wealth of professional learning video resources by teachers, for teachers. Their mission is to:

create an environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow. We believe teachers should have opportunities to learn from each other… whenever they want; and teachers tell us that video has become essential to helping them see a broad range of approaches for working with students and for fostering self-reflection.

As well as videos there are other resources including question and answer forums, lesson ideas and teaching strategies. You can register and join the online community of teachers which will allow you to

  • Save your favorite videos and schedule email reminders to use them later.
  • Receive newsletters packed with teaching strategies, lesson ideas and new videos.
  • Get notifications about new videos that match your interests.

Of course being US-based not everything is strictly relevant to the Australian Curriculum however I think there is plenty of material available which transcends curriculum-specific requirements.

This video is a terrific example of formative assessment in action, taking a really positive approach to learning from mistakes.