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Managing your digital footprint

11 Tips For Students To Manage Their Digital Footprints is an interesting read from and the advice applies as much to us as adults and teachers as it does to students.

Don’t know what a digital footprint is?

Simply put, a digital footprint is the record or trail left by the things you do online. Your social media activity, the info on your personal website, your browsing history, your online subscriptions, any photo galleries and videos you’ve uploaded — essentially, anything on the Internet with your name on it.

The advice includes the obvious, like using privacy settings in Facebook, to less well-known information about how Google records and uses our search history.

I encourage you to have a read and share the information with your students and others as appropriate.


Worth a read 04/07/2014

  • Cyber-bullying, update-addiction, sexting – from the perspective of a parent raising a ”digital native” child, social media seems fraught with dangers. But new research suggests the risks inherent in social media use by younger generations might be overblown.
    danah boyd, assistant research professor at Harvard and principal researcher for Microsoft Research – like k.d.lang, she prefers the lower case – has completed a large-scale study on how US teenagers use the internet in general, and social media in particular. Her book is called It’s Complicated, and is the result of in-depth interviews with scores of teens over an eight-year period.
    Her findings are intriguing. The result has not been the social disaster many pundits claim to see.

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