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Art Project

Part of the Google Cultural Institute is the Art Project, a collaboration between Google and some of the world’s leading art galleries and museums. Together they have enabled online access to thousands of artworks from over 6000 artists. Using high resolution photography they have captured artworks in extraordinary detail, it is possible to get a better view online than it is in real life – check out this video for a small sample:

You can browse by the artist’s name, the artwork, the type of art, the museum, the country, the city and the collection. If you are logged in with a Google account you can save various artworks into your own collections for future reference.

It is also possible to take “Street View” type tours of over 300 rooms in various museums.

Google Art Project is an extraordinary resource that has potential for use by students and teachers not just in art, but in humanities, English, technology too. Of course, it’s also a great site purely for the enjoyment of all art lovers.

iPad news and views 07/08/2014

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iPad news and views 07/03/2014

  • ‘iPad Art Room’ is a key initiative in the creation of a new learning environment for diverse students in Visual Arts. It’s all about mixing the paint with pixels, and the traditional with technology, to enhance engagement and maximize learning outcomes through art-making.

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Heide Education Resources

Heide Museum of Modern Art. Retrieved from http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heide_Museum_of_Modern_Art

You may have visited Heide Museum of Modern Art with its galleries, cafe and beautiful gardens (if you haven’t I highly recommend you do!) but you might not know that their website contains a range of very useful education resources, and not just for art.

From the Education Resources page you will find links to videos and printable resources on artists such as Albert Tucker and Mirka Mora; general art resources, sustainability resources, and education resources for many of the exhibitions held over the years. All are free to view or download.

I particularly enjoyed this video on Concrete Poetry with its cross-curricular application to language and visual art.

Concrete Poetry from Heide Museum of Modern Art on Vimeo.

Google Cultural Institute

The Google Cultural Institute provides access to thousands of works of art and museum exhibits through an interactive, highly engaging portal. The aim is to make cultural heritage from around the world freely accessible to all. You will find artworks, landmarks and world heritage sites, as well as digital exhibitions that tell the stories behind the archives of cultural institutions across the globe.

You can take a virtual tour, see works in great detail and create your own gallery. There are special features for educators including the Art Project and the World Wonders Project.

This video  will give you a glimpse of what is available but (warning!) you will need to visit the site and be prepared to lose a few hours to start to see the magnitude of what is available.

The Google Cultural Institute is highly relevant to teachers of history, geography and of course art.