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Worth a read 09/21/2014

  • The 21st Century Fluencies are not about hardware, they are about headware and heartware.
    We need to move our thinking beyond our primary focus on traditional literacy to an additional set of 21st-century fluencies that reflect the times we live in. That’s the essence of the 21st Century Fluencies! Today, it’s essential that all of our students have a wide range of skills that develop the ability to function within a rapidly changing society—skills far beyond those that were needed in the 20th century. These skills are not about technological prowess. The essential 21st Century Fluencies are not about hardware; they are about headware and heartware! This means critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and so much more. These aren’t just for the students, though. The 21st Century Fluencies are process skills that we all need, and there is as much benefit in cultivating them within yourself as within your classroom.

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Worth a read 09/17/2014

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Worth a read 07/22/2014

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90 second news challenge

Image retrieved from http://splash.abc.net.au/image/journal/article?img_id=1207625&t=1399875321404

ABC Splash are running a 90 second news challenge for students. Students are challenged to create a 90 second news video based around the theme ‘What do we need to know about your community in 90 seconds’.

Find more information, resources, tips and full details of how to enter here.

News reports can be created using a mobile phone or video camera or this would be an excellent activity for students to do using the iPads. Entries are open now and the competition closes on June 10. The best videos will by published on the ABC Splash site.

I’ve written about ABC Splash here or you can find out more about ABC Splash here.


Storybird is a tool to use for creative writing with students to create beautiful illustrated books. Storybird can be used on a computer or through a browser on an iPad. It is suitable for creating picture books or long-form (chapter) books or even poetry.

Storybird has hundreds of themed sets of illustrations freely available to use to illustrate a story. Here’s a snapshot of just a few from a search for penguins:

Storybird - Artful Storytelling

Search for artwork to fit an existing story or browse the illustrations to inspire a new story. When the story is complete it can be shared free of charge via a link, embedding on a website, through social media or email; or for around $2 you can download a high-quality pdf for printing. There is even the option to have a proper bound book printed from around $15 and they do deliver to Australia.

Teachers can create accounts for their students and then monitor progress and provide feedback through the writing process. Students are able to view and comment on each others work in a safe online space.

Imagine how thrilled the children will be to share their beautifully illustrated stories with their families.

My story isn’t going to win any prizes but it gives you a little idea of what is possible.

Here is some feedback about Storybird from teachers:

Storybird - Storybird for Schools