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Social bookmarking with Diigo

Have you ever been at school and wanted to share a great site you’ve found but realised the link is saved on your computer at home? Or had a computer “meltdown” and lost all your bookmarks? Or remembered that you’ve saved something but can’t remember anything specific to help you locate it in your enormous list of bookmarks? Are your bookmarks out of control?

Social Bookmarking might just be the answer – it will help you get in control of bookmarks and access them anywhere on any computer or device.

So how does social bookmarking work? Basically when you find a webpage you’d like to save you use a button that’s been added to your browser to save it, adding tags (words or short phrases that describe the site used to help organise and find your bookmarks later), a description or other comments and then save. That’s it, the bookmarked site will now be available to you from anywhere where you are logged into the bookmarking service, including on apps for phones and tablets. A useful feature of most social bookmarking sites is the ability to import your existing bookmarks from your browser to get you started.

Diigo is one social bookmarking service. There are others but a few of Diigo’s features make it stand out.

This video gives a good overview of setting up a Diigo account and bookmarking a site.

When saving a site Diigo also allows you to organise it further into a list or to share to a group. Even better, Diigo allows you to highlight text on a website and add comments (in the form of “sticky notes”) on the page itself. These highlights and comments will be on the page on any computer so long as you are logged into Diigo as well. You can choose to make your comments private or share them with other Diigo users and you can choose whether or not you want to see comments from other Diigo users on sites. These features open up some interesting possibilities for using Diigo as a teaching and learning tool.

This video shows more about highlighting and sticky notes:

This video explains the Group feature.

Diigo V4: Collaborate~ Create a Group Knowledge Repository from diigobuzz on Vimeo.

Here’s another from a teacher librarian who is “addicted” to Diigo!

I’ve used Diigo for years and I can’t imagine how I could keep organised without it. You can check out my Diigo library here.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to Diigo now!