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Worth a read 05/20/2014

  • “Mrs. Cooper’s second graders were asked to show their understanding of the water cycle and to do this we decided to have the students add something to their blog. However, a visual is extremely helpful in understanding so we chose to have the children draw a picture in the Drawing Box app, import it into Explain Everything where it would be recorded, save it to the camera roll, then upload it to their post on KidBlog. All of this was accomplished on our iPad minis!”

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  • “Having iPads redefines many elements of teaching, learning, and assessment.  These past 2 years, I’ve experienced a learning curve not unlike that of a brand spankin’ new teacher.  This year I’ve begun to make the shift from technology-empowered teacher to a teacher who empowers students more.  It takes time, but when I let go and give more control to the kids, I’m not disappointed.  On the contrary, I realize that I didn’t know what I didn’t know about my students.  The more I learn about them and their thinking, and the more I impart this feedback to them so they know themselves better, the more we all understand the mathematics.”

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  • “Providing timely and effective feedback on student work is a critical component to any classroom. As students increasingly operate and create in a digital environment, emerging tools provide unique new opportunities for teachers to provide feedback on both written work and video projects.”

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  • “Explain Everything is an app that lends itself easily to almost any assignment at any grade-level.  It allows users to add images, text, and drawings to a single page (app-folks call this an “interactive whiteboard”).  It also lets you create multiple pages or slides with those images, text, and drawings (just like an old-school PowerPoint).  To kick it up a notch, you can record your voice as you click through your slides, annotating (drawing or adding text and image) as you talk.

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Worth a read 03/19/2014

  • “Google Drive is a powerful productivity suite with an increasing potential in education. From storing documents to creating stunning presentations and drawings, Google Drive empowers you with the necessary tools to enhance your productivity and augment your workflow.
    This post introduces you to some basic features integrated in Google Docs which your students can use to help them with their research projects and also boost their collaborative workforce.”

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  • “Students feedback can sometimes host a treasure trove of new insights not only about their own comprehension but also about our teaching. Giving students the opportunity to share their own response on the learning taking place in the classroom is highly beneficial to them particularly in the way they position themselves vis a vis the content being taught. They also feel empowered because they know their voice does matter and therefore become more engaged and involved in the learning/teaching process.”

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  • “Educators have lots of ideas about how to improve education, to better reach learners and to give students the skills they’ll need in college and beyond the classroom. But often those conversations remain between adults. The real test of any idea is in the classroom, though students are rarely asked about what they think about their education.

    A panel of seven students attending schools that are part of the “deeper learning” movement gave their perspective on what it means for them to learn and how educators can work to create a school culture that fosters creativity, collaboration, trust, the ability to fail, and perhaps most importantly, one in which students want to participate.”

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