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I learned about GeoGuessr on Teach Tech Play* last night. It’s a fun game where you are shown a random location on Google Street View and then, using what you see and your own knowledge, drop a pin on a map where you think it is. The closer you are the more points you get. Each game consists of 5 rounds/different locations.

There are a few variations available – you can limit to certain cities, countries or continents or “the world” is exactly that, you could be anywhere. Famous places is another option and usually a little easier, many of the world locations are very rural and literally could be anywhere…until you notice eucalyptus leaves or a left-hand drive car or snow…

GeoGuessr would make a great activity in class when you are looking for something quick and engaging. It runs well through a browser on an iPad or computer so is easy to project to a screen.

*And what is Teach Tech Play I hear you ask! It’s a monthly Hangout online run by three Melbourne teachers and featuring guests from around the world. It happens at 8pm on the first Monday of every month (except January). The guests and presenters each have four minutes to share a tool or teaching idea. Viewers can vote for their favourite presenter and the winner is crowned King or Queen. Previous episodes can be viewed via their website and the current episode, where GeoGuessr is shown is here: