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Storybird is a tool to use for creative writing with students to create beautiful illustrated books. Storybird can be used on a computer or through a browser on an iPad. It is suitable for creating picture books or long-form (chapter) books or even poetry.

Storybird has hundreds of themed sets of illustrations freely available to use to illustrate a story. Here’s a snapshot of just a few from a search for penguins:

Storybird - Artful Storytelling

Search for artwork to fit an existing story or browse the illustrations to inspire a new story. When the story is complete it can be shared free of charge via a link, embedding on a website, through social media or email; or for around $2 you can download a high-quality pdf for printing. There is even the option to have a proper bound book printed from around $15 and they do deliver to Australia.

Teachers can create accounts for their students and then monitor progress and provide feedback through the writing process. Students are able to view and comment on each others work in a safe online space.

Imagine how thrilled the children will be to share their beautifully illustrated stories with their families.

My story isn’t going to win any prizes but it gives you a little idea of what is possible.

Here is some feedback about Storybird from teachers:

Storybird - Storybird for Schools