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More on Scootle

The flyers below include information and links for registering for Scootle and the Scootle community. Over 300,000 Australian teachers are now registered for Scootle and can access a vast array of quality, curriculum-linked resources and build their Personal Learning Network (PLN) through the community.


10 ways scootle

Scootle recently released a video to promote Scootle community. If you look closely you might see a familiar face!

Scootle Community

You may be familiar with Scootle, the free online resource providing access to digital learning resources for all Australian teachers, but do you know about Scootle Community?

Accessed via your Scootle log in the Scootle Community operates like a social network but with the focus being everything teaching and learning. If you’ve never registered for Scootle you will need to do so using your school email address before you can access the Community.

My Feed on Scootle Community

Through the Scootle Community teachers can share resources, seek information and participate in discussions. Anyone can set up a network within Scootle Community so that people with similar interests can participate in relevant discussions, share resources or publicise events. There are networks for specific learning areas, stages of schooling, for those interested in girls education or boys education, for technology applications, for specific regional areas, for casual replacement teachers and many more. When you join a network any new information will be automatically pushed to your feed.

Scootle makes it easy to find and connect with (follow) teachers with similar interests and allows communication and sharing in a secure online space. If you’ve never dipped your toe into the world of social media (perhaps because you think it’s all like the worst of Facebook) but are interested in connecting with teachers from around Australia, Scootle Community could be the place for you!