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Languages Teachmeet

I’ve written about Teachmeets before – they are terrific informal professional learning opportunities that are free to attend and all are welcome to attend or even present a two or seven minute session.

Coming up next week is the first ever Teachmeet exclusively for language teachers. It will be held at Avila College in Mount Waverley from 4.30pm next Wednesday 6 August.

Find out more and register to attend (and present) on the Teachmeet Melbourne wiki.

Teachmeet Melbourne

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The next Melbourne Teachmeet (or #tmmelb for the hashtag savvy) will be held next Saturday afternoon at the Immigration Museum in Flinders Street in the city.

But what’s a Teachmeet, I hear you ask? Well…

Teachmeets are simply an opportunity for teachers and others interested in education to get together and share ideas. There are short presentations and plenty of opportunity to network. #TeachEats sometimes follow!

The movement began in the UK and is spreading around the world. Melbourne had its first Teachmeet in 2011 and there have been eight or more events each year since, at locations ranging from Scienceworks, the Royal Children’s Hospital, various schools and on a couple of occasions, a pub.

Teachmeets are usually held on Saturday afternoons or late afternoon on a weekday. They are free and open to anyone to attend and/or present. Teachmeets are attended by teachers of all levels and from all sectors, as well as people working in education but outside of schools.

Presentations are limited to either two minutes or seven minutes and the timekeeper is brutal, but that’s part of the appeal – you’re not going to be bored silly listening to someone waffle on! An event usually lasts no more than two hours.

I love going to Teachmeets for the amazing range of ideas presented and the opportunity to get to know other educators with similar interests. Not every presentation is relevant to me personally but I always come away with some new ideas, some sites or tools to check out and some new or strengthened connections with others. No two Teachmeets are the same!

If you are interested in learning more check out the Teachmeet Melbourne wiki. You can see what has been presented at previous events including accessing resources, and sign up if you’d like to attend. This Saturday’s program includes presentations on Whole Brain Teaching for beginners (like me!) and Reporting: change in the windOh, and there’s someone called Heather Bailie presenting about Masters of Education study! The Teachmeet kicks off at 3pm but if you are interested you can come along at 2pm for a special tour of the Faith, Fashion, Fusion exhibition currently on at the Immigration Museum.

BrainPop created a special video to promote the first Melbourne Teachmeet.

Find out even more here:

Will I see you at Teachmeet?