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Maths teachers – have you seen Mathtrain.tv? It’s like a mini-Khan academy filled with fabulous short videos explaining maths concepts except all the videos have been created by students. Here’s a sample:

Player loading…

From the About us page:

Mathtrain.TV is a free educational “kids teaching kids” project from Mr. Marcos & his students at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, CA. Mathtrain.TV was created by middle school mathematics teacher, Eric Marcos. It is part of the Mathtrain.com Project and was created to host our student-created math video lessons all in one place. It is Web 2.0 friendly with its ability for users to generate “ratings” and “comments”. Our middle school students use a tablet pc and screen-capturing software, Camtasia Studio, to create the math tutorials. The site is powered by PHPmotion, a free video-sharing software.

Students at Lincoln Middle School create math video lessons (screencasts or mathcasts) which are used for classroom instruction and posted onto sites such as Mathtrain.TV, Mathtrain.com, iTunes, YouTube, TeacherTube and Google Video. Our students work hard at creating the content and construct the best explanations they can in our unscripted format. The videos are offered free, “as is” (under a Creative Commons agreement) and we take no responsibility for any inaccuracies or errors which may exist in the content or site. All videos are reviewed (and sometimes further edited) by a credentialed math teacher. In an effort to make our videos available to many different learners, we are in the process of closed captioning (CC) our videos. At the moment, there may be two versions of the same video lesson on this site; one with and one without captioning. On other videos, we may “burn” the captions right onto the video itself. As technology progresses, we hope to offer our viewers not only the ability to toggle on and off between closed captioning but also alternative language subtitles. For more information about how to caption your own videos, go here: www.dcmp.org/ciy.

We invite students, teachers, parents and educators to join us and help contribute to this global collaborate effort. We are especially interested in student-created mathcasts, hence the “kids teaching kids” motto.

My motto is “Learn, do, teach” because it is through the act of showing someone else how to do something that I truly consolidate my knowledge. The content on Mathtrain.tv is fantastic and there is plenty to be learned there but wouldn’t your students’ mathematical skills benefit from creating similar explanatory videos? And what about other subjects? There is enormous scope for learning by teaching. Steve Wheeler has recently written about the value of Flipping the teacher (as opposed to the classroom) and has some other useful suggestions for how this can be done. The tools used are becoming more widely available and there are plenty of great examples out there. Let me know if you and your students have created any of these videos and they can be featured on Bytes. Or if you’d like to give it a try but don’t know where to start please get in touch.

Heide Education Resources

Heide Museum of Modern Art. Retrieved from http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heide_Museum_of_Modern_Art

You may have visited Heide Museum of Modern Art with its galleries, cafe and beautiful gardens (if you haven’t I highly recommend you do!) but you might not know that their website contains a range of very useful education resources, and not just for art.

From the Education Resources page you will find links to videos and printable resources on artists such as Albert Tucker and Mirka Mora; general art resources, sustainability resources, and education resources for many of the exhibitions held over the years. All are free to view or download.

I particularly enjoyed this video on Concrete Poetry with its cross-curricular application to language and visual art.

Concrete Poetry from Heide Museum of Modern Art on Vimeo.

More on Scootle

The flyers below include information and links for registering for Scootle and the Scootle community. Over 300,000 Australian teachers are now registered for Scootle and can access a vast array of quality, curriculum-linked resources and build their Personal Learning Network (PLN) through the community.


10 ways scootle

Scootle recently released a video to promote Scootle community. If you look closely you might see a familiar face!


I only came across Europeana recently. It is a website where galleries, museums and libraries from across Europe are providing access to their collections. The British Library, The Louvre and the Rijksmuseum are just three of the many institutions contributing to this site.

Europeana Launch Video from Europeana on Vimeo.

From the about page:

Explore millions of items from a range of Europe’s leading galleries, libraries, archives and museums. Books and manuscripts, photos and paintings, television and film, sculpture and crafts, diaries and maps, sheet music and recordings, they’re all here. No need to travel the continent, either physically or virtually!

Found something you like? Download it, print it, use it, save it, share it, play with it, love it!

Search results include images, text, video and sound recordings. It is easy to refine a search with the options on the left hand side. I particularly like how you can limit your search to display items that are licensed for re-use if you wish. This search result shows 160 image, text and videos related to medical instruments that can be re-used with attribution or with restrictions.

Europeana search results

The contributing institutions are from all over Europe so the built-in translation service is handy.

You can register for a Europeana account if you wish which allows you to save items for future reference.

Fun Friday – Tim Minchin

Tim Minchin is one of my favourite comedians and musicians. I have always been impressed by his way with words and he excels here, giving an “Occasional address” at a UWA Graduation ceremony where he was also awarded an Honorary Doctor of Letters.

In the address he outlines nine life lessons for the new graduates and there are some absolute gems among them. Number six – “Be a teacher. Please be a teacher…Even if you are not a teacher, be a teacher”. And number nine – “Don’t rush…Life is best filled with learning as much as you can about as much as you can”. If you prefer you can read the full transcript but it’s well worth watching the video for the immaculately timed delivery and the reactions of the Vice Chancellor in the background.

Tim’s speech runs for about 11 minutes, the remainder is another person speaking of his achievements leading up to the conferring of the degree.


Fun Friday – Kid President’s pep talk for teachers and students

Kid President is on a mission to make grown-ups less boring.

So who is Kid President? Kid President is an eleven year old American boy (real name Robby) who together with his older brother-in-law Brad makes inspiring, entertaining and thought-provoking videos in the belief that kids can change the world. Brad explains:

The two of us work on each episode together. There’s no fancy film crew or staff. It’s just us having fun and hoping we create something that makes people happier than they were before they clicked play.

Kid President has become a Youtube sensation and has even appeared in an official White House video in a simulated conversation with President Obama and, in an April Fools joke in 2013 when the White House released “A special message from the President“.

Kid President’s pep talk for teachers and students is my Fun Friday pick for this week.

ABC Splash

Have you seen the ABC Splash website?

ABC Splash was launched last year as a new world-class education website for Australia. It includes excellent Australian content from ABC television and radio, and they have joined up with Education Services Australia to link hundreds of new learning resources directly to the Australian Curriculum. Look out for cutting-edge games, virtual worlds and immersive digital experiences.

The special teacher area features thought-provoking articles and blog posts, teaching resources and up-to-date education news. You can even read about the project I was involved in last year: Disaster Resilience for Students.

ABC Splash also runs some live events for teachers and students – to find out more and be kept updated about upcoming events, visit the site and register for their newsletter.

Fun Friday – VVS

Have you heard of VVS?

Vertical Video Syndrome is an insidious condition that is afflicting more and more people. Regularly apparent, even on mainstream media like nightly news bulletins, I fear the worst if something isn’t done soon. It seems to have started around the time the first smartphones became available and its prevalence has escalated exponentially since.

Luckily Glove and Boots Puppet video series have created a compelling consciousness-raising video about this most serious syndrome. It should be compulsory viewing for everyone with a smart phone.

Watch, learn, and above all, share with your friends!