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Teaching and learning resources for the World Cup

Apparently there are some soccer games going on in Brazil. Lots of people are getting excited and staying up late or getting up early to watch.

It seems that students might be interested too, so if you’d like to harness some of that enthusiasm in your classroom over the next few weeks here are some useful websites and resources to help.

The Official FIFA World Cup site

Football and The World Cup from Teaching Ideas (UK)

Football resources from TES Connect (UK). Downloadable activities including quizzes in various languages – French, Italian, Spanish.

IPC 2014 World Cup Resources – a very visual collection of resources about all aspects of the game, the World Cup and Brazil.

World Cup for Kids from Activity Village. Lots of printable resources like colouring sheets, puzzles, bookmarks, flags and worksheets.

The World Cup: a fair game? Use the World Cup to explore inequality. From Oxfam.

World Cup 2014 Harness the energy around the football World Cup in Brazil 2014 and use these resources with children to explore global justice issues through the lens of sport and football. From CAFOD, the official Catholic aid agency for England and Wales.

29 Free World Cup worksheets From Busyteacher.org

Brazil: Lesson plans, games, activities

World Cup of soccer from Teacher Planet.

If you know of any other great resources related to the World Cup please let me know and I’ll add them here.